Apple To Build StreetView Competitor By Using Your Car's Backup Camera

Coming Soon: CarPlay & StreetView

Cupertino, CA - Apple, Inc formally announced their plan to compete against Google’s Street View feature with their Apple Maps platform by using the backup cameras found outside your car. The feature will be utilized by the new CarPlay product that is being adopted by various manufacturers ranging from Hyundai to Ferrari, and will presumably have access to the auto’s camera while driving.

“It’s an ingenious move by Apple”, states Robert Buxton, online editor at “They’re effectively crowdsourcing their maps and getting the data for free, while Google is having to pay for and maintain a private fleet. It’s ingenious on their behalf.” According to Apple, the system will not interfere with the driver and it will not collect data when the car is in reverse.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, states “based on the number of cars that will be equipped with CarPlay, we anticipate the ability to map the entire continental US within a matter of weeks after it is launched. Furthermore, we’ll be able to update far more frequently than Google could with their inefficient method of collecting data.” When asked how often the data will be updated, Cook hinted that it could be delivered in real time. “Currently, we will be relying on 4G networks powered by AT&T and Verizon, however as 5G service becomes available, we could process much more data and make it available much faster than anyone has ever dreamed possible.”

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