Apple's iPhone5 Treasure Hunt

Apple iPhone

Cupertino, CA - Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new iPhone 5 later this year, however a few lucky individuals may get their hands on one sooner. TechNewz reported today that Apple will secretly "lose" 5,000 of the new iPhones within various public places 5 weeks before the official release of the device. The campaign is yet another way for Apple to market its ever growing line up of gadgets and to bring the latest launch up to a fever pitch.

Officials at Apple declined to comment as to where the phones may be placed; however, inside sources hinted that they may be located nearby the many Apple Stores that have sprung up all over the world. Technewz reports that one phone has already been found inside a bar in California, which is seemingly a jab at the iPhone3 controversy of a few years back. The phone was said to be fully unlocked along with a message from Steve Jobs himself congratulating them with their find.

Already, fans are scouring malls and restaurants in search of the elusive phones while hoping to get lucky "If I find one, I'm going to put it on eBay. I figure I can easily get $1,300 for it." said Sam Patterson, of Chicago. He's probably correct too. Dave Coswinski of Buffalo, NY stated "I'd give my left nut for one. I'll pay any price too. I love Apple and all of their products. They're great!". If anyone should find an iPhone, please contact TechNewz with details and specs of the new device.


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