GM Introduces New Drive by Wire Interface

Detroit, MI - To go along with GM's new electric car initiative - VOLT concept, CEO Rick Wagoner has announced a new way to interact with the vehicle. A new hand speed controller will replace the typical foot controlled accelerator found in most vehicles. This "new technology"actually hearkens back to yesteryear for some, who will recall a similar speed control device powering the electric slot cars they played with as a child. The device will be located in the center console where you would typically find a gear shift knob, and the driver, as well as passenger, will be able to control the speed of the vehicle.

Initially the device will be attached to the center console via a fiber optic cable, similar to the "fly by wire" systems found in airplanes; however, it has been indicated that future versions will be fully wireless, and control much more than speed. This opens the door for fully remote control electric vehicles. "Imagine being able to take the controller with you, and then remotely driving the vehicle to your location. Never again having to walk to your car in the rain." said Wagoner.


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