Google Forgets to Renew


Palo Alto, CA - Google acknowledged today that it had accidentally let its domain,, expire on Friday. It was a rare lapse for the Silicon Valley giant who seemingly never misses a beat. The discovery was made after would be "googlers" suddenly found themselves being sent to a fan site about Xbox games and their reviews instead of seeing the familiar Google home page.

The new owner is 13 year old Jacob McDonaldson of Topeka,Kansas. "I was searching for a cool name for my new website, and this one was available. I never even heard of Google before, so I registered it. I just think it's a cool name." When asked if he had any plans on giving the name back to the tech giant, Jacob responded "I don't think so. I'm getting tons of hits on my site right now, it seems to be very popular. If I changed the address, how would people find me?"

Officials at Google are scrambling to remedy the situation and are currently reviewing legal options with their lawyers in case a deal cannot be reached with McDonaldson. "We have been in contact with Jacob, however we have not yet been able to convince him to give it back to us", says Google spokesperson Marissa Mayers. "He claims that he had never heard of before, however we find that to be laughable. We think he's trying to use that as leverage to broker a deal with us." When asked what Google will do until this is resolved, Mayers responded "We just purchased the rights to and have been using that as our homepage. It was the closest name that we could find that at least sounded like 'google'."

Meanwhile, Jacob has since partnered up with Microsoft to place adCenter ads on his website. He won't give exact figures on how much he is making from the ads placed on his site, but he did say that it was "a ton".


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