Hershey's Kisses to Lose Paper Labels

Hershey, PA -Due to the ever increasing cost of paper, The Hershey Co. has announced that it will no longer include the little paper strips along with its famous Kisses. Hershey CEO David West, states "It may seem insignificant, however that little piece of paper adds up over time. By eliminating that single strip from every Kiss, we can save thousands of dollars per year. That cost savings can then be transfered to our shareholders."

West also states, "This action also helps keep us inline with our goal of becoming more environmentally friendly. These paper strips eventually end up in landfills across America. Now that they're gone, the landfills won't fill up nearly as fast." When asked if they will eliminate the iconic silver foil as well, he responded "We haven't ruled it out yet." expect to see the new paperless Kisses by mid summer.


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