Hillary to Return Silverware if Elected

White House china set

Washington, DC - Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton acknowledged today that she would be more than happy to return any missing silverware to the White House if she is elected in 2008. She states "Bill and I enjoyed it so much while he was in office. It's made of the finest Silver and the pieces are quite eloquent."

Mrs. Clinton goes on to say "We never anticipated it being that big of a deal really. We always felt that we'd be back somehow or another." When asked about the possibility of not even getting the Democratic nomination, she responded "Look, there are three candidates running for office right now. Senator McCain, Senator Obama and myself. Neither of the other two have what I have, and that's the official White House silverware set." She continues "If you elect them, then you can kiss these suckers goodbye." When asked what would happen to them if she is not elected, she remarked "I don't know yet. We could sell them eBay or maybe even post them on Craigslist. Either way, this is a package deal. If you want them back, you had better elect me in November."

Meanwhile supporters for both Senator Obama and Senator McCain are claiming this to be nothing more than a blackmail attempt for the Presidency. "She can't keep that silverware. It's property of the American public. It's not right!" states Susan D. of Gary, IN. "I really think it speaks volumes as to the character of this candidate and how far she'll go for the nomination" says Jerry R. of Norman, OK.



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